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What are the odds of getting 9 out of 10 in keno?

j H asked:
Play 10 spots

Catch probability odds-to-1 against

0 0.0458 20.8385
1 0.1796 4.5688
2 0.2953 2.3869
3 0.2674 2.7397
4 0.1473 5.7880
5 0.0514 18.4448
6 0.0115 86.1126
7 0.001611 619.68
8 0.000135 7383.47
9 0.00000612 163380
10 1.1221e-007 8.9117e+006

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4 Responses to “What are the odds of getting 9 out of 10 in keno?”

  1. nikkichevelle Says:

    LOL slim to none… good luck though if you play

  2. Vegas Lady Says:

    Those odds are terrible. Save your money.

  3. scruett Says:

    I got 9 out of 16 one time won 200.00

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