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Refrase: can anybody tell me if there is a preferred set of 7-8 numbers to play in the Oregon Keno Game ? If so what are they Email Me! Question asked by: TERRY W This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

How to play keno – rules governing the game There are really three sets of rules governing a game of keno; The rules of the game of keno itself – that is, how it is played. The House Rules set by the casino, covering such issues as maximum payouts, deadlines for placing a bet before […]

What can you do to win more at Keno? Let’s say straight away, Keno is, like any lottery, basically a guessing game. Winning keno numbers are selected completely at random. So the bottom line is that no keno strategy is ever going to be really successful at predicting what will come out. Having said that, […]

Your Guide to Keno Jargon and Terminology   Bet – The amount of money wagered in any one game by a player. Cage – holds the Keno balls before they are drawn. Call – The actual act of calling the Keno numbers as they are drawn, usually over an intercom. Caller – The casino employee […]

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If you’re looking for keno gambling on the internet, you basically have three options: Video Keno in online casinos and gaming sites Multi-player keno at online Bingo sites Keno lottery draws at Lotto sites   Video Keno in Online Casinos & Gaming Sites You’ll find that the keno games in online casinos are all Video […]

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