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There used to be a number of online casinos that offered a Keno Progressive Jackpot run by Cryptologic. But unfortunately this is no longer available. As far as we are aware there are no online casinos with a genuine progressive jackpot keno game any more.

However as a great alternative we’d suggest you try MegaBall. This is an interesting progressive game available at Playtech casinos where you bet on the outcomes of a draw. It’s appealing to keno lovers because it’s not just a straightforward lotto draw as the player is able to choose their own betting options. The casinos with this game all share the same progressive pot. That is, whichever site you play at you are playing for the same jackpot. The advantage of this shared pot is that more people are contributing to the one jackpot rather there being several smaller jackpots, so it grows faster and gets much bigger


Here are a few of the casinos where you can play for the MegaBall Progressive. It’s up to you where you want to play. Click on any of them to go try for a life-changing win!

The casinos running this progressive are all big, long-standing sites running on the classy Playtech software. And they’re all good reputable casinos, so you can definitely rely on getting your money if you win!



Published in Play Keno @ 15 Apr 08 and last modified on December 6th, 2013
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