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Explanation of keno catches.

In the game of keno a ‘catch’ is when one of your numbers is picked in the draw.

If you ‘catch 5’ it means that 5 of your numbers were picked.

Winning keno catches

The keno payout schedule shows what you would win for each number of catches. For instance here is a payout schedule for a 6-spot game (ie a game in which you have chosen 6 numbers). Note that win nothing for 1 or 2 catches:



play $1

play $2 

play $5 


















Occasionally you will find special "Catch All" pay schedules. In these games you are betting that you will catch all the numbers that you selected. You will be paid only if all the numbers you chose show up.

You can also use the term in a more general way to denote winning; ‘catch a big jackpot’.

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