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Is there a system in winning keno?

Just asking if anyone has a SYSYTEM you break even or win in keno?

Posted by: pk14517

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6 Responses to “Is there a system in winning keno?”

  1. Justin H Says:

    Over the long run you will always lose money playing Keno. You can improve your odds by playing a certain number of spots (seems like I remember hearing 5 was an ideal number), but it’s always in the houses favor. That’s the reason casinos have the game.

  2. bingofox Says:

    I watched a gambling show and it said Keno has the worst odds and the big wheel came in second….I have not heard of a system in winning Keno …….Good Luck

  3. John F Says:


    Every time you walk past the Keno parlor, put a dollar in your pocket. At the end of your trip, you’ll have about $20 that you didn’t lose.

  4. ABCDEF U Says:

    my dad played the same numbers his whole life, boring….but he’d hit………

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