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How do i win at video keno or poker?

loc_staa05 asked:
Is there any tricks or ways to tell when a machine is “hot” or ways to cheat the game? im talking about the casino machines. Particularly summit gaming machines
Im specifically talking about the casino machines, such as the .05 and .25 machines, you can choose either poker or keno, and a variety of games. Is there any way to tell what machine is going to hit? Dont waste my time with smart-ass answers.

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10 Responses to “How do i win at video keno or poker?”

  1. -+-|oNe|-+- Says:

    learn how to play the game and learn different strategies for them both.

  2. Timmy the Turd Says:

    ask him over there

  3. amanda e Says:

    Keno! I like Keno. You choose 10 numbers, mark them and then their are 20 or so numbers called out or revealed. out of the 20 u want to get lucky and see how many out of ur 10 got picked. You don’t always have to play all 10 numbers.

  4. averstar23 Says:

    Pray. often.

  5. mj Says:

    What I do:
    I play frequently at all of the San Diego Casinos.
    I have had great luck and have made $$ starting with one coin as a wager. When they start to hit, increase to max for two to three plays.Back and forth.
    I then click on keno and usually notice that someone already has their numbers on the screen.
    Ex:: If there are ten numbers showing I will erase maybe 3 or 4 of them and keep the others that were already there.
    I then put 3 or 4 new ones up and as close to the ones Ihave left that belonged to the other guy.
    Seriously, play them a few times. You will notice that they will come up. I know these keno games are suppose to be programed in such a way, but my past playing and leaving just a few of othe other person’s numbers up come up. I will drop one of my numbers, maybe two, and then work with only 7, 8, 9, and then add them or new ones again. Always keeping just a few of the original on the board.
    Once in a while I will wipe the board clean and go to another area, and then return after 3 or 4 plays and put the old numbers back up. Let me know how you win or lose.;

  6. paul_heilbron Says:

    as all slot machines work on a payout %age, of which video poker is still a slot machine working to a %age

    only way to trully ‘beat’ them is to ‘play’ them,

    i do not mean to play the game, and hope and pray that you win

    i mean stake out the machine/s that you want to play and watch other punters putting money in, take a mental note of how much they put in the machine, and how much they take out, if someone is up on a machine, you know to leave that machine well alone, as its %age will most likely be down, and will need to recoup its losses.

    If you notice that the machine is taking more than its paying out, that would be the likely choice to play,

    in essence play the player not the game

  7. John Parker Says:

    Keno can be BEATEN!! My strategy is to pick 5 numbers and watch the screen for other 5 digit patterns to come in. I watch about 30 or so 5 digit patterns, (such as 1-5, 33-73, etc.), as I’m playing lets say 11-15. If you don’t hit on 11-15 as you’re watching the other patters slightly increase your bet. Eventually your numbers WILL come in. My advice is to play a 5 cent machine (playing for 5 or 10 cents). If your numbers come in that’s great, move on to the next set of 5 numbers that you watch. If not, then slowly increase the bet to 15 cents, 20 cents etc. Eventually you’re numbers will come in (but it can take awhile sometimes. That’s why its KEY to play a 5 cent machine and for low amounts, slowly increasing you’re bet if you don’t hit. Good Luck!!

  8. John Parker Says:

    Yes, Keno can be beaten. However, during the past 1.5 years I have come to the conclusion it is best not to play, or just set a limit and play. Up until May of this year I was up over 1100 bucks playing nickel keno. My strategy above was working like a charm. However, the video keno machines I played at the local casino have been tightened up massively. Developed a new strategy of playing a set of 5 numbers when another set of 5 numbers came in first (for instance playing 2-6 when 1-5 had come in). This new type of strategy worked for awhile but has fallen on its sword with the tightening of the machines. I have given up ALL of my gains and am down several thousand dollars for the year!! Problem with video keno is: You start losing 20, 40, 60, 100, 200 bucks, and all the while you are hoping your numbers come in and bail you out. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. If the casino tightens up the machines, there is nothing you can do about it!! You will lose!! One indication that you will lose on 4 card keno is when every set of 5 numbers you play continues to only give you a maximum of 4 numbers (it won’t give you that lousy winning 5th number). This is when you MUST QUIT. I lost 300 bucks the other day hoping to hit on at least one of four cards I was playing (going for 5 numbers). I was only playing 25 to 30 cents a pull (total for 4 games). I was actually up about 80 bucks initially (hit two 5 out 5s), and then the machine DIED. After that it was all down hill. I could have put 600 into the maching with no results. My advice to you now is: If you want to play video Keno set a 100 dollar limit (maximum), play 4 card keno but only 2 games (for a nickel a game).

    This part is KEY. Just because a set of numbers or a strategy has been working doesn’t mean it will continue. Once again, if the Casino tightens up the machines (and you won’t know this for at least 2 visits), you’ll lose. Good Luck and please don’t lose to much money out there!!!

  9. chrystal Says:

    i play 4 card keno everyday. my win loss statement from gsr reno nv 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2012 shows i won 7102.25 for the year. surprised me,since i have poor to zero money management! was sure i was winner for the year but,thinking around eight to a thousand bucks. yahoo! i play only 4 card keno and always the same 6 numbers. start out playing one 6 spot and 3,3 spots. if the machine is little cold i play the same 6 numbers but this time i make four 5 spots out of them. if i should hit five out of 5 and it is number 10 missing,i have hit 3 solid 5 spots and one-4 out of 5. if 30 is missing i am paid for 3 four out of five and one 5 out of 5 .i play nickles mainly starting at two per card then if cold max on all 4 cards. once i hit a six out of six,regardless if i am playing 1-6 with 3-3’s or 6 numbers with 4 -5 spots i cash out and find another machine. learned that lesson the hard way!!! ps.after cashing out i always play one buck only back to take a win off the screen. i play the same 5 machines everyday,if the next player sees it just paid 1200 hundred theres a good chance they won’t sit down and pump it back up for me. hope this helps!

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