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how can i find secrets to winning md keno?

david a asked:
Im trying to better my odds of winning the maryland keno

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5 Responses to “how can i find secrets to winning md keno?”

  1. ZCT Says:

    You cannot. Keno is based on random numbers, the only way to get better at it is to develop the ability to see into the future.

  2. a99blkdog Says:

    send $20 to me and i will tell you the true secret ….

  3. Ken Says:

    You most likely would be better off keeping your money and putting it to work for you. The odds are not in your favor at all.

  4. Remo Says:

    There is no secret in Keno but I’m going to teach you how to guess mostly right numbers,

    1_ look in the result by the webside in your home country.

    2- in the result you will see the numbers that drawn, you will see tow sections of numbers, in the top and underneath. in the top %100 it will draw from 1 to 50 it doesn’t reach more than that.

    underneath it will draw from 50 to 80.

    so the best way for you is to guess either from the 1 to 50 or from 50 to 80 it’s up to you and whatever you like how many numbers you would like to guess.

    Hope it helps body!

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