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For lovers of lotteries. Keno lotto games are definitely more exciting than the usual boring draws. Find out why and get tips on playing Daily Keno here.

Daily Keno Lotteries


Daily Keno lotteries are held all over the world. It’s dead easy to play and follows the same basic process as all lotteries:

  • Go along to any ticket outlet
  • Pick your numbers and mark them on your ticket.
  • Pay for your ticket at the counter.
  • Then wait for the draw. Some are drawn once a day but many have several draws, and some are every few minutes.
  • The winning numbers are announced on local media and probably online.
  • Check your ticket and go collect your winnings!  You can win various prizes depending on how many numbers you picked and how many of them come up in the draw. A prize table will be available showing what you can win.

Where keno lotteries vary from other types of lottery:

  • It’s much more exciting!
  • The pool of numbers in Keno are 1-80 inclusive. 20 numbers are pulled out in the draw – a lot more than most lottery games.
  • In most lotteries all players mark the same amount of numbers on their ticket. But in a keno lotto you decide yourself how many to pick, within the limits set by the operators. The limits can vary, but typically you are allowed to mark between 3 and 10 numbers (‘spots’). The amount you pick does not affect the cost of the ticket.
Daily Keno Online

Another way to get your daily keno fix, especially if you can’t easily get to a lotto outlet or keno hall, is to play one of the wide range of options available online.

Here’s our guide to Internet Keno Gambling

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